Laynee Presley

Daughter of Elvis Presley - Graceland


The Children's GracelandLife

Life at home in Graceland, whether we are there personally or far away, is always close in our hearts, mind and soul,.
Life can be interesting, as we are a business as well as a family, and this can be happy and fun, along with its challenges.

Graceland Life Home Address


Elvis Presley Blvd.

Memphis, Tennessee


Open daily for tours to the public and fans.

The Queen: Priscilla Presley

    With our Dad, the King!

        Elvis Aaron Presley





   Elaine Elizabeth Presley


         Princess Laynee

      Parent/Family Lady




       Lisa Marie Presley



      Parent/Family Lady


This website is in dedication to the legacy left by the King, Elvis Presley and the music career of Laynee Presley, a family member, Elvis’ daughter, continuing his legendary tradition along with her family, children and grandchildren.